Although there are potential for more, only one commercial beach is currently organized.

Ganju Beach

Ganju beach, named after a Chinese term for Tangerine/Mandarin Orange (柑橘), is the main commercialized beach used by the hotel. Its soft sand squeaks when you walk on it, due to how fine and loose it is; in the mornings, it's cold and reflects the light of the sunrise in an abyss of purple ripples, wonderful to sink your feet into. During the day, it reaches a scorching hot temperature as the light hits it, and the only safe spots are where the water laps in and out. When you tread in this area, as the water laps in, it will steal the sand from beneath your heels, as any tide would. There aren't all that many shells to be found, though, but there is seaweed in the morning (cleaned by the beach's staff once the tide falls). Beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented for the day, and services are provided to have food and drink delivered to you at the beach, so that you might not need to get up and take that long hike across the hot sand. 

Other Beaches

Most of the other beaches don't quite have as high a sand quality, and aren't currently in commercial use. People are free to visit them, but they aren't as comfortable or friendly as Ganju, and aren't regularly upkept. Some of them, though, are currently having high-quality sand imported to them, so that they might be more usable for guests when more and more visitors start, so as to cut down on the crowds at the single beach. For the time being, though, this precaution is not needed enough to make efforts quicker.