When dry season rolls about, extra efforts are taken by the hotel staff to make sure that none of the hotel/town's bodies-of-water-that-aren't-the-ocean dry up. Plants get extra water, the pool and the fountains are granted extra water to pump, but the rest of the island has the season take its toll. Out in the jungle and beyond, brush fires tend to spring up every now and then, and many of the smaller riverbeds find themselves drying up, and many of the Carvanha that swim along in them catch fire and die. 

Completely unrelated from all of this, picnics on the hotel's lawn offer free fried fish, where all guests and employees are invited to indulge. Though neither nutritious or particularly delectable, it IS a free meal, and though most cheap food might as well be free in the eyes of the rich, people still seem to be interested in indulging anyway. 

The table is usually hosted by Erocne and Niaga Balik, who collect the fish and serve them up. They only tend to require breading and reheating, and are served on a stick. Tables are usually set out on the hotel's front lawn, though others will bring them back with them to other places to eat.