The Hot Air Balloon Festival, held every year in Dry Season, celebrates the clear sky and the beautiful views over The Island of Poyi. Guests and residents alike buy, import, make, or have made their own custom balloons to show off as they take to the skies in a colorful flurry of balloons that may or may not be completely safe. 

For those unfamiliar with the art of flying balloons, internet-learned attendants are usually called in to assist first-time fliers, but others are on their own, especially if their balloons float too far over the top of The Jungle. By that point, if they can't get back down to the sandier areas, it's their problem. The views are to die for, though, especially considering it's not common for planes or helicopters to fly over Poyi. When it comes to those individuals down at the card shop in town, they get some of their best material from this festival.