The island is thought to be hundreds of years old, originally created by the volcano's first major eruption, but due to the lack of access to the volcano itself, this is difficult to accurately determine. It is also indeterminate as to how the original natives came to the Island in the first place; they themselves testify that they were born of the volcano, and that the island's ground is saturated with the life of their ancestors. 

The island was discovered by a navy ship as they noticed it was not apparent on any of their maps; a few men had been sent out to examine the island, exploring its edges and providing the deepest returned exploration observations we have today. When they'd returned from their voyage, a group of Hoenn settlers headed out, establishing a small village where the port resides today. They and the natives lived for years without either of them having even the slightest idea the other existed, until one of the natives had traveled unusually far south, stumbling upon the encampment. 

There was a bit of a struggle as the native was captured and questioned, and only then did the settlers become aware of their neighbors. Two of them had gone over with the native to visit their own village, but only one had returned, speaking that the other had wished to stay over there a while longer. Due to minimal records of this endeavor, it was unknown if he ever came back.

It was testified, though, that the natives lived very primitive lives, and what was recorded of the invididual's exploration there is still a majority of the knowledge that we have about the natives. 

For quite a while, the settlers and the natives were on good terms; some of them had even made families together, a few of their natives crossing to join with the settlers, while others clung violently to their heritage, and were comfortable as long as the settlement stayed that size. 

The Island soon became a major stop over point for ships going between Hoenn and Johto, and a small naval base was posted there, but the settlement itself did not grow very large. As the generations passed, native blood ran through almost every one of the residents in one way or another, which was apparent through their physical characteristics. People began calling them natives, as well. Some refer to them as the Modern Natives, as opposed to the Ancient Natives.