Tango Roonie

Tango Roonie (or just Tango) is a shiny Wynaut who belongs to Warren C. Clarke. He's an unofficial "detective in training" who helps Warren with investigations and likes figuring out mysteries.


Tango Roonie is a benevolent and caring little creature who has a perpetual air of curiosity about him. He follows Warren around (sometimes to Warren's exasperation) and the two share a relaxed relationship; the two love each other, but aren't entirely bothered by laughing at each others' expense. Tango is a sucker for sweetness and will do anything short of selling his (or Warren's) soul for fruit and candy. Sometimes, when Tango annoys Warren, he'll reach up and place Tango in the cupboard, knowing Tango won't go anywhere. However, Tango makes up for this by eating all the food on the shelf he's placed on.