The island is run less like a government, and more like a business. Pokecino, itself, is a corporation, and many of the commercial areas are considered extentions of the company, all of which is overseen by the Board of Directors, who make large-scale decisions--they then hire people to oversee the day-to-day running of the business.

Pokecino is a private corporation, and set up more like a sole proprietorship--there is one man officially on the Board, known as Q Jacred, and any others are instead Shadow Directors (that is, those who aren't actually on the board, but who do have control over the company).

Things that fall under the corporation's umbrella include Poyi's housing industry, the beaches, the businesses in Qiren, and many of the commercial areas of the port. 

The Board is often criticized heavily for immature decisions, quick rulings, and the lack of formality with which its meetings are held every Monday in Qiren's Town Hall.