Poyi's port is an area even more active than the hotel--it sees all the incoming and outgoing shipments, it's home to the hydropower plant, as well as the entire fishing industry. The majority of the civilized natives live and work here, and it as well is all visitors' first point of arrival on the island.

The Visitor-side

Ships arrive in a nice little alcove where commercial ships and ferries tend to arrive. This small square, containing a few shops and some elegant fast food, is the first thing that guests will see upon exiting the ships that float right beside it. Most don't tend to take very long and visit, but for those who are waiting around for the ship to take them back to Lilycove, there isn't all that much better to do. It's very scenic and friendly, and the buildings somewhat block off all the rest of the port's major areas. 
Out of this small square leads to a waterside pathway that will take them either to the bus stop that will take them to the hotel, or to the walking path that follows the same route. Despite its rather strong fish-and-salt smell, the port is clean and bright during most times of the day, and small personal boats, yachts, and ferries line up along its commercial side, so as to create a nice, warm impression upon those who have just arrived on Poyi. 

The only annoyance they might encounter is a young girl, extremely adamant about selling you a fish.

The Resident-side

The rest of the port is more home to the working-class residents of Poyi, where they find themselves rather cut-off from the tourism half of the island; a large amount of Modern Natives reside here. Cruise ships, cargo ships, fishing barges and other vessels come in and shove off in the early mornings and late evenings, so most of the workers have their time off during the daylight hours. Most visitors never even consider coming near this side of the port, and even if they wanted to, there isn't all that much to see, for the majority of the action is only accessible to workers. Beyond all of the docks is the actual housing units and apartment buildings, which are small and humble and of older age (as they were there before all of the commercialism attacked), but fulfilling of the needs of the people. It's what they're used to. 

The Hydroelectric Plant

Although it's a few miles out, the Hydroelectric plant is still considered part of the port. One of the jungle's wider rivers is dammed, providing enough electricity to power the entire port, and a little bit of the town. Before the island had been commercialized, this dam had been put in place for settlement purposes, but as time went on and technology progressed, it was converted for utilization of hydropower.